What do you want to Sort today?

Do you have anything in need of automatic identification or sorting? Can it be recognized by its looks? 

We can do that for you. We can hook up an identification unit to your existing material stream or we can supply the mechanics for a complete identification and sorting process.

So far we have been able to successfully identify batteries, mobile phones, printed circuit boards, lamps and all kinds of mixed electronics in either research projects or commercial deliveries.

Our latest application is fish species identification in a project called FISH FACE, where we are working together with The Nature Conservancy. Read more on our blog: http://www.refind.se/blog/2016/1/15/fish-face-refind-software-enables-sustainable-fishing


Give us a call and let us discuss your sorting needs!

Johanna Reimers, Cellphone +46 733 100 362 or e-mail johanna.reimers@refind.se