The  desktop grader from Refind Technologies is a flexible and easy-to-use identification and sorting equipment. It consists of a smartphone on top of a light tunnel that creates consistent and smooth illumination for scanning and recognition of objects.

The smartphone runs Refind's Regrab app that can be trained to grade and classify objects based on visual features. The recognition is done on brand and model and can be connected to a a data fetching tool that gives the user online demand and pricing in real-time.

The modular equipment can be used as a stand alone device on a desktop or can be integrated to a conveyor belt with the possibility for automatic feeding and physical separation of the objects. Artificial intelligence based recognition is made available by exporting RGB and directional imaging in combination with deep learning neural networks for world-class performance. Refund's classifier has so far been used for various applications such as batteries, lamps, printed circuit boards and all kinds of mixed electronics within the industry with great results.

By identifying make and model for each product in real-time, the system ca not only tell whether it is good for reuse, refurbishment or recycling, but also logs and lists the products in optimal fractions enabling availability for trading, either directly with customers or through digital marketplaces.



The Regrap smartphone application is a combined object scanner and classifier that lets the user effortlessly switch between the two modes. Images are automatically stored in a database in the cloud, as they are scanned, thereby providing the user with virtually unlimited storage space. A server in the cloud handles storage- and classification requests, moving heavy data processing away from the phone to where it belongs - on powerful hardware.

Nothing besides a smartphone, the light tunnel and a WiFi connection is needed to have the full setup. Additionally a Bluetooth mouse, Bluetooth keyboard and a Chromecast dongle can be utilised to emulate a standard PC working environment.


phones, FISh and beyond

The desktop grader can be used for any kind of material stream that fits the size limits of 600x400x200 (HxLxW) mm such as phones, hard drives or laptops. The dimensions are scalable and adjustable for other types of objects. The Refind software can be used stand alone and is for example being used in a fish species identification project.


LOW upfront investment - PAY PER USE

The desktop grader is easy to ship, easy to assemble, easy to use and costs close to nothing. Once on your desk, you can start using it for identification or for building up your own database for recognition. The software license agreement is based on how much you use the service and depending on the application and the usage. We are happy to further discuss an appropriate pricing model for your convenience.




For inquiries or questions, please contact: Johanna Reimers,, +46 733 100 362