species recognition

SpecieGrade goes onboard in Norway!

Last week, our fish species recognition equipment - SpecieGrade - onboarded the Norwegian fishing vessel Ramoen. SpecieGrade will now go on its first field trip in the Nordic Sea and collect fish images and get a feeling for the harsh environment onboard. In a few weeks it is expected back in port in Ålesund, loaded with fish species images of the fish that have been caught during the trip.

Refind 02.09 (3).jpeg

For Refind and Scala Norway, this is an exciting first pilot of the jointly developed SpecieGrade equipment, and hopefully also for the pilot vessel Ramoen, who will get a first hand experience of it. On its next fishing trip, SpecieGrade should be ready to start working for real - identifying the different species and being an important part of the automated fish sorting process.

IMG_6790 2.JPG