Refind as a showcase at Vinnova!

On January 31st, Refind was invited to Vinnova to talk about how to write a successful application for the Eurostars research program. Our CEO, Johanna Reimers, presented Refind and the SOMEWAIR project and how the application was done. This application was created together with DTI, Danish Technology Institute, with whom we are working closely with in the research project.

The application obviously went fine, the presentation was also OK and how is the project in itself going, you may wonder? Well, it is going very well. We are now developing our first movie recording scanning program, allowing multiple items to be added to the database simultaneously and continuously. This will also allow the classification of several items in parallel.

The Vinnova presentation is all in Swedish, enjoy!

If you are interested in more information about the Eurostars program, read here!

Meet the e-grader!

We made a short movie about our new grade-sorter for cell phones and mobile electronics: The e-grader. With a speed of 2000 objects per hour it can classify cell phones down to make and model, grade the products into different value categories based on current market price.

This is the first of its kind and we are so happy to finally fully commissioned it. The equipment is intended for ITADs and electronics collectors who now very efficiently can classify collected electronics and save as much as possible for reuse while the less valuable material are sent to recycling.

Want to know more. Send an email to our CEO Hans Eric Melin who will tell you everything about it: hanseric.melin@refind.se