Recycling International writes about the CEO of Refind

As a part of their recurring theme 'Women in Recycling', Recycling International has now discovered our woman at Refind - Johanna Reimers. Read the interview here, and look at their website for all other news within the recycling business!

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New generation battery sorter, OBS200, goes to Slovakia!

We are happy to announce our latest sale - of a new product to a new customer - an OBS200 that goes to Elektro Recycling in Slovakia! The OBS200 will be a smaller version of the OBS600, capable of sorting 200 kg/hour, with a smaller footprint and price tag, but just as high sorting quality! 

Meet the desktop grader!


Our latest product family member is born - the desktop grader! It is a smaller and more flexible version of the e-grader equipment, narrowed down to a smartphone and a light tunnel which enables instant identification through a mobile app.

As a customer, you install the desktop grader and help building up the image database for your needs. Once the classifier is ready for use, you pay a license fee based on number of classifications. The desktop grader can also be turned into a sorting equipment similar to the e-grader, by adding conveyor belts and separation actuators.

Read more in this product sheet, have a look at the video below:


FISH FACE - Refind software enables sustainable fishing


We are happy to announce that Refind are involved in a large fishing data collection project, Fish Face, together with The Nature Conservancy. The software from Refind will be used to identify fish species.

Without proper data, fish can't be sustainable managed. But a new technology could change all of that.

Fish stocks around the world are declining—with an estimated 90 percent of the world’s fisheries over or fully exploited. In developing countries, like Indonesia, the decline of a fishery can have severe consequences—as nearly 40 percent of the Indonesian population lives just above the poverty line, fishing is a way of life and provides an important food source for millions of people.

A key challenge in addressing overfishing is the lack of data on just how many fish still exist. Especially in complex multi-species fisheries, like the ones in Indonesia and in many other tropical developing countries, data just doesn’t exist on all types and sizes of individual fish, making sound management almost impossible. In fact, some 90% of fisheries globally are lacking in stock assessment data. Traditional stock assessment methods are prohibitively expensive, and in the majority of fisheries in the developing world, the condition of stocks is not known.

Facial recognition for fish

The Nature Conservancy’s Indonesia Fisheries program is working with Refind Technologies to identify fish. The project is called Fishface and the ultimate goal is to build this technology into a smartphone app that could be used on fishing boats throughout the region and eventually be deployed around the globe. Through the use of affordable image recognition software that will detect species from photos, much faster and more accurate sorting of fish will be possible at the processing plant, or even as it is landed on the boat.

Ultimately, the pilot of the Fishface technology will offer a low-cost assessment of fish stocks—providing the essential data needed to assess and manage fisheries that are struggling around the world.

The framework envisioned will be applied across these types of fisheries in a multitude of geographies, with the potential to impact the some 260 million people who depend on fish for income and food.

Read this and more here on the The Nature Conservancy website.

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is the leading conservation organization working around the world to protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people. They are present in over 35 countries around the world. 

Meet us at the IERC in Salzburg 19-22 January 2016

For the second time, Refind will be exhibiting at the IERC, International Electronics Recycling Congress. As usual it will be held in Salzburg, Austria, and will bring together over 500 producers, recyclers, refurbishers and organizations from all over the world. Refind will present the latest news from the recognition technology side.

Contact us if you want to book a seat at our speed dating table - 15 minutes - we are happy to host you! Johanna Reimers & Farshid Jafari Harandi

Refind exhibits at Ekocentrum - innovations for a good life

Together with 19 other companies, Refind participates in the Ekocentrum exhibition with the unique identification technology as one of the innovations for a better and more sustainable life. The exhibition kicked off on December 1st and will continue throughout 2016.

Come and have a look at the interesting innovations from the western region of Sweden, or read more about it here:

Refind gets EU support for sorting phones!

We are happy and proud to announce our participation in the Horizon2020 Research and Innovation programme in a project called SustainablySMART. The project handles sustainable smart mobile devices lifecycles through re-design, reliability, reuse and remanufacturing technologies and comprises a consortium of 17 different companies from all over Europe.


Refind’s role in the project

Our part will be to provide and improve the feeding, identification and sorting of cellphones in order to optimize the disassembly of components or preparation for reuse depending on the model or condition of the cell phone. We will provide the technology to determine brand and model of each phone, information that can be used for registration and setup instructions for the down-stream process. We will work closely with ProAutomation, an Austrian company specializing in automatic disassembly of cellphones.


More about the SustainablySMART project

Project length: 48 months, starting in September 2015 and ending in 2019.

Project budget: 7 Million EUR total for the consortium

Project partners: Fairphone b.v., Fraunhofer IZM, Multimedia Computer System Ltd., Pro Automation GmbH, iFixit GmbH, ReUse-Computer e.V., Technische Universität Wien, Semicon Sp. z.o.o., Grant4Com, RFND TECHNOLOGIES AB, AT & S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik AG, Speech Processing Solutions GmbH, PrimeTel PLC, Österreiche Gesellschaft für System- und Automatisierungstechnik and Blancco Oy Ltd.

New leadership at Refind

In August Johanna Reimers took the helm as CEO in Refind Technologies. Johanna is a co-founder of the company and has been responsible for the company’s operations such as project management, customer relations and sales.


Prior to founding Refind Johanna held the same position at Optisort. Before that Johanna spent ten years in the software industry as consultant and project manager. 


– I am really thrilled to take over the leadership for our great team and continue our the development of our business. We have exciting times in front ahead of us with a position as global leaders in automatic battery sorting and with the recent launch of our e-grader with potential to revolutionise the e-waste industry, says Johanna about her new mission.

First American battery sorter in production!

Last week we commissioned the OBS600, the battery sorter machine, at our American customer Battery Solutions in Howell, Michigan! 

We are happy to deliver the first automatic battery sorter to the US and hope for a prosperous relationship with Battery Solutions.

And here are some pictures from the implementation and the staff training of the machine. 


First US order for Refind

 Refind's CEO Hans Eric Melin together with Robert Egan and Thomas Bjarnemark, Chairman and CEO of Battery Solutions

Refind's CEO Hans Eric Melin together with Robert Egan and Thomas Bjarnemark, Chairman and CEO of Battery Solutions

We are happy to announce that Battery Solutions, the leading battery recycler in the US, has agreed to purchase the OBS 600 system for automatic sorting of waste batteries. With the system Battery Solutions will be able to sort over 2000 lbs (1 tonne) per hour which will make the sorting much more efficient and will also enable collection of sorting data including brand, model, size and type.

We are really thrilled over this. Battery Solutions is a very professional and solid company with a long history in battery recycling. We will now work closely together in order to make both collection and sorting more efficient when several states increasingly are facing increased collection requirements not least for primary batteries.

Battery Solutions has one of the world’s most sophisticated alkaline recovery processes that yields a recycling efficency rate over 80 per cent. With the automatic sorting the this will create a very strong offer for companies and consumers that responsibly want to recycle their dead batteries.

You can read the press release here.


Refind selected as one of Top 25 Nordic cleantech startups

We are proud to have been selected as one of the 25 most promising cleantech startups in the Nordic (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland) in the Nordic Cleantech Open competition. An international jury of more than 50 influential representatives from multinational companies and venture capital have been involved in selecting this year's top 25. 

For us this is a real honor not least as Scandinavia is a very competitive space for cleantech companies. We are also happy to see two other recycling technology companies on the list which we believe shows resources efficiency is becoming an increasingly important area.

You can read the full list of the Top 25 here.

Meet the e-grader!

We made a short movie about our new grade-sorter for cell phones and mobile electronics: The e-grader. With a speed of 2000 objects per hour it can classify cell phones down to make and model, grade the products into different value categories based on current market price.

This is the first of its kind and we are so happy to finally fully commissioned it. The equipment is intended for ITADs and electronics collectors who now very efficiently can classify collected electronics and save as much as possible for reuse while the less valuable material are sent to recycling.

Want to know more. Send an email to our CEO Hans Eric Melin who will tell you everything about it:


New battery sorter commissioned in England

Last week we successfully commissioned a new automatic battery sorter for WasteCare, in Elland, just south of Halifax in England. And it's already got a name, Olga!

The system is capable of sorting more than 1250 tonnes of waste batteries per year in one shift and will be used for batteries collected by WasteCare's co-owned take back scheme BatteryBack.

Read more about the installation here:

We are very happy to work together with WasteCare and make sure batteries in the UK are kept out of landfills and instead get properly recycled.

WEEE ID - a research project with intelligent results!

The WEEE ID project started in December 2013 as a collaboration between Chalmers University, Chalmers Industriteknik, Refind, El-Kretsen, Nordic Recycling and MRT Systems and is funded by Vinnova. The project is supposed to analyze data of waste electronics in order to optimize the level of reuse and the methods of recycling. As a part of the project, Refind has built a machine for identification and sorting, called the "e-grader", which is now completed and ready for use.

The e-grader can learn how to recognize different brands and models of any kind of objects. The project focuses on electronics since this is an area where many products are thrown before their end-of-life is reached.

The consortium is a good mix of companies: El-Kretsen has the material and the statistic knowledge of today, Chalmers and CIT has great experience in material science and production optimizing, MRT and Nordic Recycling the experience of collecting and processing, and Refind the identification software and the ability to design functional equipment.

Read more about the e-grader here.


Open House at Refind

Skärmavbild 2014-12-08 kl. 15.49.37.png

There are busy days on Bror Nilssons gata 4. For months we have been working hard to finish some of the most advanced systems there are in the recycling industry. Systems that make electronics stay in use and not become waste. Next week we aim to be ready and done.

And before we are shipping the latest collection we would like to show it to our friends, colleagues, geeks, treehuggers and all other nice people who also want some glögg and gingers and meet our team and everybody else that will mingle with us.

If you would like to join us we will be very happy. Send an email to so we now how much to bake!

Time: 18th december, 15.00-17.00. Address: Bror Nilssons gata 4E. Bus stops: Lindholmspiren (by boat) och Regnbågsgatan (by bus).