WEEE ID - a research project with intelligent results!

The WEEE ID project started in December 2013 as a collaboration between Chalmers University, Chalmers Industriteknik, Refind, El-Kretsen, Nordic Recycling and MRT Systems and is funded by Vinnova. The project is supposed to analyze data of waste electronics in order to optimize the level of reuse and the methods of recycling. As a part of the project, Refind has built a machine for identification and sorting, called the "e-grader", which is now completed and ready for use.

The e-grader can learn how to recognize different brands and models of any kind of objects. The project focuses on electronics since this is an area where many products are thrown before their end-of-life is reached.

The consortium is a good mix of companies: El-Kretsen has the material and the statistic knowledge of today, Chalmers and CIT has great experience in material science and production optimizing, MRT and Nordic Recycling the experience of collecting and processing, and Refind the identification software and the ability to design functional equipment.

Read more about the e-grader here.