From Shop to Tool box

Today we take an important step in the short history of Refind Technologies. We are launching the Refind Classifier Platform - a tool box for the making of intelligent classification and sorting solutions - with unique features adapted to every single customer’s needs.

Over the last months we have constantly been travelling around meeting partners and customers. Mostly in Europe but also in the United States and Canada. We have discussed our solutions for sorting of lamps, mixed e-waste and printed circuit boards. And what have we learnt?

We have experienced a vast interest for our solutions and a fascination of what we can achieve. Seeing how our battery sorter, the OBS 600, sorts 15 batteries per second on one line leaves few untouched. But we have also met so many creative minds, explaining how these solutions would bring even more value if they were only doing this or that.

And of course it makes perfect sense. If you are looking for solutions to making sorting cheap you want standard solutions without fuzz. Like our battery sorter. But if you want real competitive advantages that set your business apart from others you want to be in control of what you are creating.

This lead us to the decision to turn our offer upside down. Instead of offering standard products that do the same thing for every customer we should offer a platform with the efficiency advantages of the standard systems combined with the competitive advantages from a customised system.

That’s what the Refind Classifier Platform is all about.

The Refind Classifier Platform consists of four main components:

  • Our classifier software enabling the recognition of thousands of objects divided into several sub streams
  • Custom-built or shared databases with the material that’s to be classified, containing images, feature information and peripheral information such about the products or material
  • Adaptable equipment components including ID-unit, sorting and feeding system that can be used for many different object streams
  • Interface for customised software and hardware solutions that adapt the systems to customers special needs such as integration with current purchase or inventory systems, extended automation and feeding features.

Eventually when the platform has proved itself the goal is to enable third party vendors to offer several of the components and not least take care of the customising and integration.
This way we are aiming to create a robust and flexible product for which the customer really sits in the driver’s seat.

Some of the standard hardware components in the Refind Classifier Platform: ID-unit and sorting unit.

Some of the standard hardware components in the Refind Classifier Platform: ID-unit and sorting unit.

Now we love to hear your thoughts and comments. How can we help you taking your business a couple of big steps forward? Drop an email to our CEO Hans Eric Melin and he will tell you more:

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