Early bird gets the worm - but the second mouse gets the cheese

Refind didn’t invent the automatic battery sorting system. Neither did the Optisort team. For more than 20 years the battery recycling industry has seen different trials and even operational systems that have used a wide range of technologies to sort batteries due to their chemical composition.

But we did refine the ideas. Even our own ones. Our first systems, the OBS 500 and OBS 1000 pioneered the use of computer vision in combination with laser sensors. For the first time batteries could be sorted not only in any kind of chemistry. It was also possible to collect data from the sorting, enabling schemes and producers to see exactly which brands that were in the stream, which type, size etc.

But innovation requiries iterations - and engaged users. The latter we found in West Midlands at G&P Batteries. G&P was the first customer to run our battery sorters in full production. And they were the ones who experienced the first breakdowns. But instead of showing discourage they always choose to improve and to innovate themselves. In many ways we have learnt as much from them as they have from us.

To be an early user of new technology certainly has it’s drawbacks. But in our opinion it should always have much bigger advantages. That has been our promise to G&P and that will remain our promise to any first user we will work with for any new sorting system.

And that’s why G&P is the first company now to have our new sorter installed - based on all experiences we made together - The OBS 600.

The new OBS 600 is a system we are deeply proud of. With a pace of 8-14 batteries per second, or 600 to 900 kgs per hour, with almost no reject (if batteries are not very dirty), and very limited need for maintenance this is the most advanced battery sorting system that has ever been seen.

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The system can either be rented or purchased with a service agreement. Are you interested to know more and to get a quote? Please send an email to our CEO Hans Eric Melin at hanseric.melin@refind.se or call him at +46 760 140 961.