Welcome back!

We couldn’t find a better term to describe Refind than with this warm statement.

First of all, welcome back to everybody who knew us as Optisort. We, the founders of Refind have all a background from the niched sorting technology company, and we brought all rights and the core technology with us. And of course, we love to see our customers, partners and friends that we got to know from that time, joining us here at Refind.

founders Refind.JPG

Welcome back is also a good description of our new business concept and vision.

At Optisort we developed advanced sorting technology that increased efficiency and saved costs for our customers. But it did little to increase the recyclability of waste. Neither, it did anything to prevent stuff from becoming waste in the first place. But, that’s really where the problem is. And that is how Optisort became Refind.

Refinds big idea is to make all used products traceable just as they were before they came into the hands of us consumers. Our belief is that it’s first when you have accessible information about a product, and the material inside it, as you know what’s next optimal destination.

Most of all cell phones, computers and other home electronics that reach a recycler are not broken. They work perfectly fine. People are just tired of them. That means that most of the gadgets people are throwing away have a value which is much higher than the recycling value. And, even if a phone or even a LED lamp is broken there are components that can be reused. Eventually if it should be recycled the value of different gadgets are significantly different depending on what kind of product it is.

All these options can be dealt with if you know what product you have in front of you. If you have data.

At Refind we will now make even more use of our rather spectacular classification technology to make products traceable as soon as they leave the the hands of the user. Our vision is to fill the last gap of traceability in a product’s life cycle all the way until it has become new material to be used in manufacturing once again.

In our portfolio we have the world’s only commercially available battery sorting system that efficiently sort waste portable batteries while it also collect information about the cells. We have a solution for lamp sorting and a concept ready to be launched for grading of printed circuit boards. And in a few months we will start running the first mixed electronics streams in the same equipment.

But most importantly we have a very dedicated team that is eager to meet old and new faces and deliver these solutions which we believe both can change the recycling industry to the better - and help to extend product's lifetime and value.

We can’t wait to welcome you back!