New customer in United Kingdom

We are really thrilled to announce that we will continue to increase the installed base of our battery sorting systems in United Kingdom. Waste Care, who's behind the largest compliance scheme in the country is building a new plant with techhnology from Refind.

Today we announced it to the press and you can read the details below.

The OBS 600 that will be installed at Waste Care's new facility

The OBS 600 that will be installed at Waste Care's new facility

WasteCare to install automatic battery sorting system from Refind Technologies

Gothenburg, 4 November 2014 - WasteCare, the co-owner of BatteryBack which is UK’s largest compliance scheme for household batteries is partnering with Refind Technologies to install an automatic system for sorting of waste batteries. The system will allow WasteCare to sort more than 3,000 tonnes of batteries per year of which 2,400 are sorted automatically.

The installation will be made in a new facility in Halifax in West Yorkshire, less than 30 kilometres South West of Leeds.

Whilst battery packs, cell phone batteries and button cells will be removed mechanically and sorted by hand, all cylindrical and 9V batteries will be sorted automatically.

The system from Refind has a capacity of 600-900 kg per hour. Batteries are recognised by its visual characteristics and are then separated by air ejectors in a speed of more than 10 batteries per second.

Refind Technologies, based in Gothenburg, Sweden, provides identification and sorting solutions to the recycling and reverse logistics industry. Refind's systems allow individual products such as batteries, cell phones or other electronics to be recognised and sorted in preparation for recycling, or if possible, reuse or repair.

The system at WasteCare will be the third system in United Kingdom which means the vast majority of the consumer batteries in the country soon will be sorted automatically.

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Hans Eric Melin, CEO, +46 760 140 961,
Graham Kemp, COO Waste Care, +44 776 076 4300,

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