A partnership for next important step

Today we have two very exciting news to share.

First of all we want to give a glimpse of what we will launch over the coming months.

Since Refind started in January this year our engineers and developers have been working hard to finalize the world's first auto-classifier of electronics for industrial use. For a long time we have been able to classify cell phones, PCBs, lamps and mixed small electronics but only in prototype scale. Now we are ready to meet the reality. Over the coming weeks we are finalizing the last features of the equipment.

The device has been designed to classify and sort everything from laptops to cell phones and cartridges. Our technology enables recognition of make and model or model groups in a speed of 1800 objects per hour. That equals a capacity of between one and ten tonnes per day, depending on what categories that goes through.

The equipment will initially be used for classification and sorting as a service in our own facility in Gothenburg, Sweden. From here we will be able to receive big volumes of cell phones and tablets from retailers, carriers and companies, primarily in the Nordic countries. By running the material through the device we will classify the material for optimal value, based on whether the products are good for reuse, in different grades, or should go to recovery.

An absolute enabler for this service is news number two. We are today announcing that we are partnering with Retrace Corporation. Seattle-based Retrace is the company behind the E-Stewards marketplace that was launched two weeks ago at E-Scrap in Orlando, Florida.

By partnering we are now integrating our two solutions which means it will be possible to create auto-listings on Retrace's marketplaces using Refind's sorting devices. Literally it will be possible to run a stream of cell phones or, in the near future mixed electronic products on a conveyor belt, have the material sorted and finally automatically listed for sale either for reuse or recycling.

In the US we hope our mutual offer will increase the interest for our products.

In Europe we will now use Retrace's technology to build our own vertical marketplace in order to sell the material we now are sorting for other companies as a service. We are continuously building up a base with responsible companies that can connect to the marketplace. If you are interested, please send an email to our Head of operations Johanna Reimers: johanna.reimers@refind.se

Likewise if you are interested to have your streams sorted and classified by our technology, send Johanna an email and we will come back as soon as we can.

You find Refind's and Retrace's mutual press release here.