Machine learning for identification of batteries, fish and in-between 

Refind uses cameras and machine learning software to teach systems to recognize items based on their looks. The systems are mainly used for grading and sorting of used products, enabling producers, retailers and recyclers to squeeze out as much value as possible from used and returned electronics, batteries, lamps or other complex products that otherwise would have been dumped or treated inefficiently.

The identification technology in itself is very general and can be applied on many different areas. An emerging area is the fish industry, where technology from Refind is used for fish species identification.

Our vision is to create systems that minimizes waste, be it by keeping products alive as long as possible or by collecting information to make better sorting decisions. We hate waste.


The founding team from left to right: Amir Sabbagh Pour,  Simon Ulfsbäcker, Rasmus Johansson, Johanna Reimers and Farshid Jafari Harandi .

The founding team from left to right: Amir Sabbagh Pour, Simon Ulfsbäcker, Rasmus Johansson, Johanna Reimers and Farshid Jafari Harandi.

Founding team

Refinds founding team brings a wide range of expertises together. From artificial intelligence and communication technology to automation and mechatronics engineering. That, and the fact that we have been working together for many years, delivering world class technology, makes us believe we have what it takes to deliver great products to our customers.

Together we have created a scalable system for classification and sorting that can be applied to basically any stream of objects. We have built the first automatic battery sorter using AI and we have commercialized the world’s first reverse vending machines for batteries as well as introduced machine learning into the fishing industry. 



Deborah Lygonis, chairman

Johanna Reimers, CEO & co-founder

Amir Sabbagh Pour, board member & co-founder


Sales and general inquiries

Johanna Reimers, CEO +46 733 100 362 (general inquiries)

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