Squeezing out the value from used electronics

Refind provides systems for identification and sorting of used and returned products. Our systems, based on advanced artificial intelligence, enable producers, retailers and recyclers to squeeze out as much value as possible from used and returned electronics, batteries, lamps and other complex products that otherwise would have been dumped or treated inefficiently.

Our vision is to make all products traceable throughout its entire life cycle in order to always capture as much value as possible and never accept any waste.


What We've Achieved

  • The Refind team has created a scalable system for classification and sorting that can be applied to basically any stream of returned or collected products.
  • Today our systems sort over half of all collected waste batteries in the United Kingdom
  • We have designed solutions that can be used for sorting of waste batteries, lamps, printed circuit boards, cell phones and small electronics.
  • We have created the first web-based information system that gives producers and compliance schemes access to information about end-of-life products in detail.