Refind launches first system platform for sorting of used and end-of-life electronics

- enables use of artificial intelligence technology for custom sorting solutions

Gothenburg, Sweden, May 27 2014 - Refind Technologies, an industry expert in intelligent sorting systems is launching a system platform containing both software and equipment components for custom development of advanced identification and sorting solutions for end-of-life and used electronics. The Refind Classifier Platform, which is based on several years of research and proven applications in waste battery and e-waste sorting, enables companies to take advantage of a few key standard components while being able to adapt the product to their own operations, turning it into real competitive advantages.

By using the solutions from Refind it’s possible to recognise products as individuals. For instance, in a stream of different electronic devices, a cell phone can be recognised and classified not only as a phone but more specifically as a “Nokia Lumia 1020”. It’s also possible to tell whether the screen is broken or if the has other significant damages. This enables automatic triage, billing and ultimately efficient sorting of the different products.

– We believe used products are treated as end-of-life far too early today. And lack of efficient ways for collection and sorting is a strongly contributing reason for this, says Hans Eric Melin, CEO of Refind Technologies

– With the new platform we provide the necessary tools to real frontrunners in recycling and reverse logistics to build up competitive solutions which will improve their position both upstream and downstream while making their own operation more efficient.

Until today the different components in the system platform have been used in Refind’s system for sorting of waste portable batteries. The system, the OBS 600, is sorting more than 15 batteries per second, recognising them by their visual characteristics. Since 2012 the classification technology has been adapted to other material streams such as mixed electronics, cell phones, printed circuit boards and lamps. With the new system platform it’s possible to adapt solutions to basically any stream of products or material with fairly predictable features.

The platform is mainly targeted to companies in Europe and North America but will be available globally. The software components are both delivered as part of the systems and as a cloud service which is supported and updated continuously by Refind.

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