Swedish Technology Company to Automate Data Integration and support European Expansion of the E-StewardsMarketplace

Seattle, WA – 11th nov, 2014   
Retrace Corporation announced today that they are partnering with Refind Technologies, to develop auto-listing features from their Auto-classifier into the E-StewardsMarketplace ( This online trading platform allows responsible businesses to easily recycle used electronics with the world's most responsible electronic waste recyclers, increasing transparency and profitability for Members. This Partnership will also investigate Marketplace opportunities in Europe aimed at creating new customer segments for both Companies.  

Retrace, a Seattle-based technology company, in cooperation with industry leaders and the Basel Action Network (BAN), launched the e-StewardsMarketplace this year at "E-scrap 2014", the largest electronics recycling industry conference, held this year in Orlando, Florida.  The platform has been enthusiastically supported by leading recyclers and companies such as LG Electronics, Iron Mountain, Electronics Recycling International, Sims Recycling Solutions, which have all expressed their intent to use the site for their electronic asset disposition.

The integration with Refind’s Auto-classifier enables listings of individual products or product categories from either a mixed or a single e-waste stream using Refind’s sorting equipment. With a speed of 2000 objects per hour the technology gives unparallelled capabilities of trading certain products, brands or material categories.

”The E-StewardsMarketplace, with its direct reach to a number of certified recyclers is a game-changer in the field of e-scrap. For us it means we can connect our sorting and classification capabilities with a promise of responsible downstream treatment but still with a competitive price on our customer’s materials,” said Hans Eric Melin, CEO of Refind. “The need for this is as big in Europe as in North America, if not even bigger”.

With growing public awareness for the hazards of e-waste to human health and the environment, as well as growing regulatory requirements, businesses as well as the electronics recycling community are increasingly looking for sustainable and profitable ways to recycle used electronics.
"Businesses disposing of end-of-life electronics will finally have price transparency, access to standardized processes and centralized reporting tools, which will greatly increase the efficiency and profitability of their recycling process," said Michael Rubel, CEO of Retrace. "Our Partnership with Refind opens new doors in Europe and makes it easier for Recyclers around the World to collect, sort, list and sell recycled electronics.”
About Refind
Refind Technologies is a Sweden-based technology company developing systems for intelligent sorting and classification of used electronics. The systems enable sorting of individual products and collection of product data, providing detailed statistics about the recycling stream. The aim is to make recycling both more cost-efficient while increasing the value of all used and returned electronic products.

About Retrace Corporation
Retrace is a Seattle-based technology company creating online B2B marketplaces for environmentally responsible recycling. Retrace partners with with recycling groups and associations to drive business value to their community and enable more efficient trading among their members. Retrace aims to make a lasting contribution to the growth of recycling worldwide by generating economic value for businesses and recyclers, and enabling them to most effectively meet legal, environmental and certification obligations.


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