The OBS 600 - the world's only automatic battery sorter

Refind's battery sorter OBS600 has a capacity of 5 tonnes of waste portable batteries per day. The equipment can sort all kinds of cylindrical cells as well as 9V batteries. All chemistries available today can be sorted and it’s also possible to add new sorting fractions, such as different kinds of lithium batteries. 

The identification of every battery is made with a machine vision sensor that captures images of every battery in high speed. The system is self-learning, which enables it to recognize batteries even if they are dirty or damaged.

After classification the batteries are separated with airjets into each respective fraction which allows for high accuracy in high speed. The purity of the fractions is normally between 97 and 100 per cent. In very small volumes manual control may be needed, due to higher relative contamination.

The line-up and separation of the batteries is made with robust equipment that instead of organizing the batteries in different sizes co-mingle all batteries on one conveyor. That does not only decrease the risk for congestions but also decreases energy consumption and need for space for the equipment.

The standard sorting system can sort 600 kg per hour which means around 1200 tonnes a year using one shift. The system can be parallelized with another sorting line which will enable sorting of 1200 kg in one shift. All together the automatic sorting equipment needs 8x4 meters, pre-sorting equipment not taken into account.

Besides the actual sorting of batteries Optisort Battery Sorter collects data about all sorted batteries including brand, model, size and chemistry. That means detailed statistics can be extracted from the sorting which then can be used for reports and analysis. For compliance schemes the statistics can be used to find freeriders but potentially also to provide producers with valuable market information. It is also possible to sort out known counterfeit batteries and also to identify new ones.

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