Treating waste as individuals

The core in Refind’s offer is our classifier software that enables rapid identification of used products in a mixed stream. The classifier enables any of the following tasks:

  • Identifying a particular product in a flow with very similar products. For instance in a stream of used cell phones the system can tell the difference between an iPhone 4 och and iPhone 5. By doing that the system allows real-time valuation and can sort the products according to current inventory state and market price while information is collected for verifying purchasing price and sorting quality.
  • Grouping of products. Dismantled printed circuit boards can be classified and grouped by type. Lamps and batteries can be classified according to their chemical composition. This enables fast and efficient sorting as well as more precise purchasing prices.
  • Grading of products. In a stream of known but still different products, quality measures such as scratches, dirt or bloats can be detected. This enables separation of products going to scrap and others going for resell.

The classification suite comprises the classifier software which is used to train purpose designed classifiers, a database which stores images and classification data and scanner program which is used to build up the databases.

For updating classifiers a cloud service provided by Refind is used where information is uploaded and trained.

Cell phones in 9v scanner.jpg